Who we are and what we do

Prioritas Advisors is a Swedish network-oriented company specializing in risk assessment covering strategic-political and economic development as well as climate and environmental issues in our customers' areas of interest. Based on our customers' business model, we develop, in close consultation with the customer, strategies for managing these risks and complex markets. We also offer due diligence support for investments and business projects. Our company operates primarily in the Middle East and the Nordic region, but through our influential global network, we identify and create unique business opportunities around the world.

We continuously acquire knowledge through our global network of clients and partners in order to be able to deliver high-quality assessments of the situation in your areas of interest and, above all, to be your trusted foresighted advisor. 
We believe in long-term relationships with our clients based on professionalism, trust and friendship. This is how we help our clients reach the top.